Many of us forget to clean our ecigarettes after months of first getting it.  Overtime, we eat while smoking and we do many other things that cause our ecigarette to get dirty.

The fact that your ecigarettes gets dirty on the outside is not as big of a deal as the area between where the battery and cartridge connect to one another.  That area is highly important and should be kept cleaned.

So here is how you clean your ecigarettes:

First, unscrew your cartridge from your battery.  You should have something that looks similar to the picture below:


Looking at the bottom of the battery, where the screw threads are – that is the area that we need to clean.  Especially the circular area at the base of the battery because that is the point of contact with the cartridge.  If that part is dirty, the connection between the battery and the cartridge will not be good and you will not get a good draw from your ecigarette.

So what you do is hold your battery so that it is pointed downward like the photo above.

Get some rubbing alcohol and a q-tip.  Drip the q-tip into the rubbing alcohol.  Don’t get it too wet.  Then use the q-tip and use it to clean the thread area of the battery.  Make sure to hold the battery downward so that any excessive liquid does not go into the battery itself.

Then work the q-tip into the threaded area and around the circular based on the battery.

If you still notice debris in the area, try using a toothpick.  Don’t use anything metal to clean it cause you can get shocked.

After you clean it, rescrew your cartridge back on and you should notice a better draw on your ecigarette.